Jinotega is situated in the north of Nicaragua, in the centre of the mountain chain called "Isabelia", and it is 168 km far from Managua ( capital of Nicaragua ). This is one of the most highly situated regions in Nicaragua. The climate is subtropically humid, often cloudy and the landscape is marvellous.

Karte von NicaraguaThe Department of Jinotega has 9 755 sq km. 257 933 people live there.

This region produces 65% of the total coffee production of Nicaragua. The climate and the ecological and agricultural conditions make our coffee one of high quality. Therefore Jinotega is the "capital of coffee in Nicaragua".

Our coffee is cultivated on the fertile soil in the fresh and densely forested mountains of Nicaragua, at the altitude of about 1 200 m above sea level with temperatures between 18 and 22 C and an average rainfall of 1 800 mm a year.

Our very shadowy coffee parcels of land offer an ideal territory of refuge for wild animals. They are part of conservation areas and other nature reserves.

The quality of our coffee is due to our environment and to the work which we do with our own hands, and it depends on the way of sowing the seed and cultivating the fields, on gathering, on peeling, on washing, on fermenting and on drying the coffee beans. This process is subject to strict quality requirements.Kaffeelabor

The quality and samples of coffee are controlled and examined in our own laboratory, which is run by young coffee inspectors, who are sons and daughters of the coffee planters of SOPPEXCCA. The laboratory allows us to steadily control and improve our products and to promote the coffee culture in our region. Part of our efforts to produce products of high quality and to promote the consumption of coffee of quality in general is our café "Flor de Jinotega", where we offer various types of coffee and coffee-based drinks.

Jinotega, the capital of coffee in Nicaragua

The quality of our coffee