We take part in programmes like Fair Trade, which promote sustainable development under humane conditions and within the frame of the Human Rights. Of importance are mutual respect, equality, justice, environmental protection, and just working conditions.

How does this affect the sustainability in the coffee production?

We produce particular coffee of high quality. We sell this coffee in Nicaragua, too, roasted and ground, among others in a café - the first of its kind in Jinotega and Nicaragua - thus promoting the consumption of high-quality coffee directly from the producer.

We can guarantee that our coffee has a high quality produced by women and men alike and under environmentally friendly conditions. Moreover the men and women producers and their families profit directly from the selling price.

Eindrücke aus der Region Jinotega

Let's Work Together

How Can Others Support and Pursue these Efforts for the Benefit of All?
  • By directly supporting our organization and commercialization.
  • By placing resources at our disposal in order to go on improving social aspects, such as building houses to live in, and with credits at favourable terms.
  • By promoting the activities for training and participation of the coffee planters and their families.
  • With additional investments to advance the commercialization of coffee in Nicaragua, too and to be able to open more sales points and cafés in other cities as well.
If we had to start the whole project again from the very beginning, what would we change, what would we make better?
  1. We would found a training centre, in which the following courses and and possibilities of further education would be offered:
  2. leadership within cooperatives
  3. courses for cooperation in cooperatives
  4. commercializing and selling
  5. language courses in English
  6. training of barristas and coffee inspectors
  7. drawing up a project, filing an application for it, realizing it